Unity Tag Necklace

A symbol to connect with women to take a stand for love, unity and transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate abundance, support, and togetherness to inspire and unite women to stand together and transform the way they love, live and lead their lives.  

The Abundunz Unity Tags are a start:  they provide a symbol to inspire us to show up better than yesterday and stand together to share our story, make us feel alive, create our best self, and that we matter and belong.  Let’s connect with women to take a stand for unity, love and transformation.  

Having your own unity tag will act as a symbol to help women to positively get through and thrive with every moment of everyday, so we can be at our best, most loving, and vibrant self.   

Spread love.  Pass it on.  

Self Respect


Making choices for yourself that honor your values and beliefs. You are not a victim. Be able to set boundaries, and give and receive love. Know this is an on-going process that thrives over time.

Forgiveness and Compassion


Giving yourself empathy and compassion to forgive yourself and others. Resilience is the ability to self-soothe and provide support. Be mindful of the discomfort and find ways to comfort yourself and let go.

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Peace, love and understanding comes from within. The only way to change today and transform tomorrow is to start loving yourself first and your purpose will arrive. Acceptance, growth, spirituality.



Feeling empowered and self-aware allows you to get to a place of gratitude, confidence, and purpose. Alleviate suffering and align your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
Manifest your vision.


A portion of all proceeds will be given to popular Personal Growth & Relationship podcasts.

Change Today. Transform Tomorrow.

Unity Tag