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Support & Connect with women to stand together for love, unity, & transformation by becoming a Mentor or a Mentee.

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If you feel you can help someone who needs support, have transformed your life & are you in a better place today. Maybe you are a coach or in mental health.

Become a Mentee

If you feel like you would like to work with a coach, guide or mentor, or if you struggle day to day with goals, feel stuck, and would like guidance on which direction to take or need purpose.


    Be the first 50 Members for Free!

    Mentorship Community for Women. Enter your email to share your interest in becoming a mentor or a mentee.  Get or give the support that works for you. Get involved with other women to change today and transform tomorrow. We will get back to you with more details on next steps. Transform how you love, live & lead your life. 

    Mentorship Program

    Being a part of our mentorship program allows women to get matched with other women, and provide support that will help them thrive.  We honor, respect, and provide a loving environment around acceptance, self-love, growth and abundance.   Our intention is not to fix, but to support, listen and help one another discover our purpose and manifest our vision.  Share your interest in joining and become a part of our community today.  

    How to Cultivate Abundance and Unity

    What Is A Mentor

    A Mentor is someone who feels they have transformed their life, and are in a better place today than they were yesterday. Mentors are in a spiritual place of peace, have learned about forgiveness, to love themselves, and continue to explore their journey of personal growth where they feel aligned in most areas of their life.  They are in a place where they can better serve others.  This could be a coach, a guide or someone who is a spiritual or mental health leader.

    A mentor builds a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. A mentor becomes a source of wisdom, provides guidance, motivation, and emotional support, based on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity.  Spread love.  Pass it on.

    What Is A Mentee

    A Mentee is someone who is interested in getting support and guidance around their goals and needs.  They may feel stuck, uncertain on which direction to take, and tend to go through life struggling.  Maybe related to relationships, self-esteem, doubts or fears. A Mentee may feel that they need purpose and help in turning challenges into opportunities for growth. They may feel alone, have difficulty setting boundaries and have a tough time letting go.  They may simply need a mentor, a coach, a guide, or someone to help them get started on their journey and help with their goals.

    A mentee is someone who has identified a specific personal goal and who believes that the guidance and help of a mentor or a coach can help them reach their goal.  A mentee will respect the value mentors provide and is willing to learn, grow and work toward their transformation.  We are in this together!

    Become a Mentee

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to cultivate acceptance, self-love, growth and abundance.  Let’s support togetherness to inspire and unite women to stand together and transform the way they love, live and lead their lives.

    Forgiveness and Compassion


    Giving yourself empathy and compassion to accept yourself and others. Self-awareness. curiosity, and resilience is the ability to shift, self-soothe, be mindful of the discomfort, and find ways to accept all aspects of yourself, heal, and let go.

    Self Respect


    Self-love is a way of shaping our emotions to align with our feelings & thoughts. Make choices for yourself that honor your values and beliefs. Be able to set boundaries, give and receive love. Know this is an on-going process that thrives over time.


    Peace, love and understanding comes from within. You are not a victim. The only way to grow and change today and transform tomorrow is to start loving yourself first. Change your narrative and story. Be open. Then your purpose will arrive.



    Feeling empowered and self-aware allows you to get to a place of gratitude, confidence, and purpose. Alleviate suffering, honor your values, and align your emotions, feelings & thoughts. It becomes a way of life to manifest your vision.

    Be a Part of Our Mentorship Community

    Get involved with other women to change today and transform tomorrow.


    Transform how you love, live & lead your life.

    Enter your email to share your interest in becoming a mentor or a mentee. Get or give the support that works for you. Get involved with other women to change today and transform tomorrow.

    Want to talk to someone?  Please call or email us anytime and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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    I have felt unfulfilled for a long time. TBD exposed, bleeding and aching. As I look back now, I see that the crisis was a blessing in disguise.
    Sheryl Hunt

    Abundunz Butterfly Logo WhiteThe butterfly is a symbol of spiritual growth, change, and transformation.  Butterflies teach us the importance of change, and that in order to become something great, you must be open, patient and trust in the process. 

    A butterfly is a bringer of joy, hope, love, appreciation, independence, freedom, optimism, and endless potential for rebirth.

    Spiritually it signifies attunement and the need to connect and move forward without any regret or burden. This ability also signifies the quality of agility when it comes to changing one’s path to get in sync with life’s circumstances. And through this change, lift up the negativity that may surround your hearts. This creature is also known for its vigor, persistence, and playfulness, which inspires us to give our all to pursue and fulfill our dreams and desires filled with love and light.